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Subject: Slimming down classics?



Mreditions。 Handsome

2007-5-12 6editions:34 AM

Handsome先生 2007年5月12日6:34AM

Orion Books, which decides there is a market in creating cut-down classics (经典著作), is slimming down some novels by such great writers as L。
   Tolstoy, M。 Mitchell and C.Bronte。 Now, each of them has been whittled down to about 400 pages by cutting 30 to 40 pages per cent of original, with words, sentences, paragraphs and, in a few cases, chapters removed.

  Tolstoy, M。Mitchell和C。Bronte等著名作家写的小说进行瘦身。现在,这些书经过大幅度的词汇、句子、段落、有些甚至是整章节的删减之后,被去掉了原著30~40%左右的页数,基本上仅存下400多页的文字了。

The first six shortened editions, all priced at £6。
  99 and advertised as great reads “in half the time”, will go on sale next month, with plans for 50 to 100 more to follow。
   The publishing house believes that modern readers will welcome the shorter versions。


Mr。 Edwards

2007-5-12 9:40 AM

Edwards先生 2007年5月12日9:40AM

Well, I’m publisher of Orion Group。
   Thanks for your attention, Mr。 Handsome。


I must say, the idea developed from a game of “shame” in my office。
   Each of us was required to confess (承认) to the most embarrassing blanks in his or her reading。 I admitted that I had never read Anna Karenina and tried but failed to get through Gone with the Wind several times。
   One of my colleagues acknowledged skipping (跳读) Jane Eyre。 We realized that life is too short to read all the books you want to and we never were going to read these ones。

我必须说,这个想法起源于我们办公室的一个叫“羞愧”的游戏。我们每个人都必须承认自己在阅读方面最让人尴尬的空白点。我承认我从来没有读过Anna Karenina(安娜卡列尼那),同时,我曾经数次尝试看完Gone with the Wind(飘),结果都没有看完。
  我的一个同事承认他曾经跳读过Jane Eyre(简爱)。这使我们意识到相对于阅读完所有我们想读的名著,生命显得多么短暂。我们从来没有读全过这些作品。

As a leading publishing house, we are trying to make classics convenient for readers but it’s not as if we’re withdrawing the original versions。
   They are still there if you want to read them。


Ms。 Weir

2007-5-12 11:35 AM

Weir女士 2007年5月12日 11:35AM

I’m director of the online bookclub

   Edwards, I think your shortened editions is a breath of fresh air。 I’m guilty of never having read Anna Karenina, because it’s just so long。
   I’d much rather read two 300-page books than one 600-page book。 I am looking forward to more shortened classics!

我是往上图书俱乐部 的主管人员。
  Edwards先生,我认为你们的缩减版是一种新鲜空气。我为自己从没有阅读过Anna Karenina(安娜卡列尼那)而感到羞愧,但是这本书太长了。我宁可读2本300页的书,也不愿意读一本600页的。我期待看到更多的精简办经典名著。

Mr。 Crockatt

2007-5-12 4:38 PM

Crockatt先生 2007年5月12日 4:38PM

I’m from the London independent bookshop Crockatt & Powell。


In my opinion, the practice is completely ridiculous。 How can you edit the classics? I’m afraid reading some of these book is hard work, and that is why you have to develop as a reader。
   If people don’t have time to read Anna Karenina, then fine。 But don’t read a shortened version and kid yourself it’s the real thing。

我认为,这种做法非常荒谬。你们怎么可以编辑经典?确实阅读这些经典是有难度的事,但是正因为如此才要求我们作为读者要能够不断提升。如果人们没有时间阅读Anna Karenina(安娜卡列尼那),没有问题。但是千万不要读一本缩减版,然后自欺欺人的说自己已经读过原著了。