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  Unit 8 How was your school trip?【复习目标】1、学会询问和谈论过去发生的事情2、了解全班同学的周末活动【语言目标】1、What did you do on your school trip?2、Did you go to the zoo? No, I didn’t。
   I went to the aquarium。3、Were there any sharks? No, there weren’t any sharks, but there were some really smart seals。【语言结构】3、规则动词和不规则动词的一般过去式4、一般过去时的肯定句和否定句5、Did you。
  。。。。, Were there。。。。。引导的一般疑问句【重点词汇】1、aquarium, science center, gift shop,/ seal, shark, octopus2、ate, took, hung out, got,/ go for a drive, sleep late, yard sale, day off【应掌握的词组】1。
   talk about 谈论,talk over谈论 2。 give a talk 作报告 3。 have a talk to (with) sb。与某人谈话 4。 go to the beach去海滩5。 have ice cream吃冰淇淋 6。
   go to the zoo去动物园7。 go to the aquarium去水族馆 8。 hang out with one’s friends和朋友闲逛9。 take photos=take a photo=take pictures=take a picture照相 10。
   buy a souvenir买纪念品 11。 have pizza吃比萨饼 12。 a famous actor著名的演员 13。 get one’s autograph得到了某人的亲笔签名14。 win a prize赢得奖品(奖项) 15。
   at the aquarium 在水族馆16。 have a great time玩得高兴,过得愉快 17。 on the school trip在学校的旅游18。 Blue Water Aquarium蓝色水族馆 19。 the Visitors’ Center游客中心20。
  a dolphin show海豚表演 21。 after that 后来22。 at the end of…在……结束的时候,在……的尽头 23。 the Gift Shop礼品店 24。 at the beginning of…在。。开始的时候 25。
   a terrible school trip糟糕的学校旅行26。 that sounds interesting那听起来很有趣27。 make up a story编一个故事 28。 go for a drive 开车兜风 30。 in the rain在雨中in the dark在黑暗中in the sun在阳光下in the snow在雪中31。
   take notes of=write down=copy down 写下,记下32。 have fun doing sth。很快乐的做某事 33。 play computer games打电脑游戏34。 for sale 供销售35。 see you soon盼望很快见到你36。
   in one’s opinion据某人看来,某人的观点上看 37。 win the first prize获得了一等奖 38。a famous basketball player著名的篮球运动员 39。 in the future在将来,今后 40。
   can’t help doing sth。忍不住做某事 41。 the story goes that…据说…… 42。 a busy day off 繁忙的假日,in one’s off hours在某人的休息时间the off season淡季 43。
   none of… ……当中没有一个44。 a heavy rain 一阵大雨a light rain一阵小雨a fine rain 一阵细雨 44。 all day = all day long 整天all night = all night long整夜 【应掌握的句子】1。
   How was your school trip? 你的学校旅行怎么样?2。 Talk about events in the past。谈谈过去的事件。 3。 Were there any sharks? No, there weren’t any sharks, but there were some really smart seals。
  有鲨鱼吗?不,没有鲨鱼,但是看见了一些非常伶俐的海豹。4。 What else did you do? 你还做了别的什么事情吗? 5。 Finally, they took the school bus back to school。最后他们乘坐公共汽车返回学校。
  6。 At the end of the day, the science teacher was very happy because the students cleaned the bus after the trip。在哪天结束的时候,自然老师很高兴,因为学生们在旅游之后把汽车打扫了一遍。
  7。 The students had a terrible school trip。学生们度过了一次很糟糕的学校旅行。 8。 They took the subway back to school。他们乘坐地铁回到学校。 9。 She lives in California。
   The weather was beautiful。她住在加利福尼亚,天气很好。10。 On my next day off, I don’t want to go for a drive。 That sounds really boring。
  在我的下次假日,我不想开车兜风。那听起来真的很烦人。 11。 Did you have fun camping?你的野营过得愉快吗? 12。 No one came to the sale because the weather was so bad。
   没有人来购买,因为天气是如此的糟糕。 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼unit8!请记得采纳,谢谢!(*^__^*)。