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1 be all wet 湿透了

2 half an hour later 半小时后

3 mop sth up / mop up sth 把某物拖干净

4 natural disasters 自然灾害

5 bad weather 坏天气

6 lose the game 输了比赛

7 thousands of people 成千上万的人们

8 a car accident 一起车祸

9 crash into 撞到……上

10 wash sth away / wash away sth 把……冲走

11 fall (down) from 从……摔下来

12 start a big fire 引起一场大火

13 a big storm 一场大暴雨

14 thunder and lightning 雷电

15 an earthquake survivor's home page


16 survive the earthquake 在地震中幸存下来

17 at first 起先

18 feel a slight shaking 感到一阵轻微的震动

19 hear a big noise like thunder


20 look at each other in fear 惊恐地互相看看

21 like bombs under the ground


22 run in all directions 向四面八方逃跑

23 run out of the shopping center


24 run out to the street 向外跑到街上

25 run wildly 疯狂地奔跑

26 pieces of glass 玻璃碎片

27 fall down 摔下来

28 come down 倒下

29 calm down 安静下来

30 be trapped 陷入困境

31 say to oneself 自言自语

32 a moment of fear 片刻的恐惧

33 shout /scream for help 大声喊救命

34 stay alive 活着/ 活下来

35 a packet of chocolate 一袋巧克力

36 hear shouts from excited people


37 in a great hurry (to do sth )


38 hurry to do sth 匆忙做某事

39 move sth away / move away sth


40 see the bright daylight 看到明亮的阳光

41 the noise of thunder 雷声

42 sound like 听起来像……

43 (be) around 7 7摄氏度左右

44 drop a little 下降一点

45 become / get worse 变得更糟

46 drop to -5 降到零下5摄氏度

47 be sunny / cloudy /foggy / frosty / stormy


48 read some guidebooks 阅读一些指南书

49 on the side of the road 在路边

50 break down 损坏

51 What a terrible snowstorm !


52 play with snow 玩雪

53 get some snow from the ground 从地面上取雪

54 make a snowball 滚雪球

55 make a snowman 堆雪人

56 fall over 绊倒

57 last long 持续长久

58 an accident report 一份事故报告

59 cover……with 用……覆盖……

60 be covered with 被……覆盖

61 call the 110 hotline 打110热线

62 be serious 严重的

something serious 一些严重的事

63 time of arrival 到达的时间

64 conditions of victims 受害者的情况

65 read a newspaper article about a car accident


66 a heavy storm with thunder and lightning 一阵大风暴伴随着雷电声

57 catch/ cause fire 引起火灾

68 be (badly) hurt (严重)受伤

69 cause natural disasters 引发自然灾害

70 lose our umbrella in the wind


71 remove the snow 除雪

72 look out of the window 朝窗外看

73 hear the noise of traffic 听到车辆的声音

74 weather report 天气报告

75 typhoon signal number 台风信号

76 snowstorm warning 风雪警报

77 roll up trousers 卷起裤子

78 get worse 变得更糟

79 help people get out from under all the stones and bricks 帮助人们从石推和砖块下出来

79 give out food and clean drinking water to the local people 给当地的人们分发食物和净水

80 continue to fall around us 继续在我们周围落下

81 continue to do sth 继续做某事

1 I was sleeping when it started to rain .


2 Who's going to mop all the water up if you don't come with me ? 要是你不跟我来unit8,谁来把水拖干呢?

3 The earthquake in Taiwan killed thousands of people . 台湾地震致使数千人死亡

4 A car accident killed three men .


5 A coach crashed into a tree last night .


6 A flood washed the village away .


7 Lightening started a big fire in a house .


8 A young boy fell from a tree and hurt his legs .


9 A big storm killed 20 people .


10 At first ,I felt a slight shaking through my body .


11 People in the shopping center looked at each other in fear . 购物中心的人们惊恐地看着对方

12 People were running wildly while pieces of glass and bricks were falling down .


13 I could not believe it was over .


14 I could not see anything at all . 我根本看不到东西

15 I did not know if anyone was around me .


16 A moment of fear went through my mind but I told myself to calm down since I was still alive .


17 I was trying to find my way out when I suddenly heard some noise above me .


18 I heard shouts from excited people .


19 They were in a great hurry to move away the bricks and stones . 人们迫不及待地移开砖块和石头

20 He survived the earthquake in 1999 .


21 It sounded like bombs under the ground .


22 What's the weather like today ?=How is the weather today ? 今天天气怎么样?

23 The temperature will be around 7 .


24 The temperature is going to drop a little .


25 The weather won't be too bad . 天气将不算太坏

26 The temperature will be lower . 气温将更低

27 The weather will become worse on Friday .


28 The temperature will drop to -5 .


29 I saw you and your parents standing on the side of the road . 我看到你和你的父母站在路边

30 Why didn't your father drive you to school as usual ? 为什么你的父亲不像往常一样开车送你去上学?

31 His car broke down because of the cold weather .


32 While Daniel was making a snowball , he fell over . 在丹尼尔滚雪球的时候,他绊倒了

33 Suzy was making a snowman while kitty was standing beside her .苏珊在堆雪人,凯蒂站在她的边上

34 A snowstorm hit the city early this morning .


35 During the snowstorm , the 110 hotline received a call from Mr Su .


36 The snow was really heavy by then .


37 This morning I read a newspaper article about a car accident . 今天早晨我阅读了一篇一起车祸的报道

38 His car crashed into a tree while he was driving in the snowstorm .


39 Did you hear about the fire at a school in Britain last week ?


40 There was a heavy storm with thunder and lightning .伴随着雷电,下起了一场大暴雨

41 Her school caught fire because lightning hit it .


42 As it was a holiday , no one was at school .


43 Bad weather sometimes causes natural disasters .


44 The fireman put out the fire soon .It didn't last long .消防队员很快扑灭了火,没有持续很久

45 Snow continued to fall around us


46 Suddenly a strong wind came from behind .


47 We lost our umbrella in the wind and I nearly fell over . 我们在风中丢了雨伞,我差一点摔倒

48 I heard the noise of traffic the next morning .


49 I looked out of the window and saw that people were working hard to remove the snow .


50 The video shows the terrible situation after the earthquake . 光碟上播放出了地震后的可怕的场景

51 Soldiers were helping people get out from under all the stones and bricks .


52 Some social workers were looking after the people in need while others were giving out food and clean drinking water to the local people .



Accident report form

Accident Their house was on fire .

Weather conditions There was a lightnig

Date of call March 8

Time of call 8.30a.m.

Name of caller Jim

Place on Nanjing Road

No. of victims three

Conditions of victims Jim and his mother were Ok

His fater's left hand was hurt .

Action Policemen arrived at 8.35a.m.

Sent the victims to hospital at 8.40a.m.

Jim called the 110 hotline at at 8.30 a.m. on March .Their house was on fire on Nanjing Road because there was a lightning . He and his parents were trapped in the house . He and his mother were OK . But his father's left hand was hurt . The policemen arrived at 8.35 a.m. and sent them to hospital at once .


过去进行时表示过去某一时刻或某段时间正在进行的动作。过去进行时由"was/ were+动词-ing"构成。




I was having supper at 7:00 yesterday evening. 昨天晚上7点我正在吃晚饭。

She was playing the piano while I was reading the newspaper. 她弹钢琴时我在看报。


We were talking about you the whole morning. 我们整个上午都在说你。

常用的时间状语this morning, the whole morning, all day yesterday, from nine to ten last evening, when, while例如:

We were watching TV from seven to nine last night. 昨天晚上七点到九点的时候我们在看电视。  

What was he researching all day last Sunday? 上周日他一整天都在研究什么?

My brother fell while he was riding his bicycle and hurt himself. 我哥哥骑自行车的时候从车上摔下来,受伤了。 

It was raining when they left the station. 他们离开车站的时候天正在下雨。

When I got to the top of the mountain, the sun was shining. 当我到达山顶的时候,阳光灿烂。



She wrote a letter to her friend last night. 她昨晚给朋友写了封信。 (信写完了)

She was writing a letter to her friend last night. 她昨晚一直在给朋友写信。 (信不一定写完)

四、 通常不能用于过去进行时的动词主要有:agree, be, believe, belong, care, forget, hate, have(拥有), hear, know, like, love, mean, mind, notice, own, remember, seem, suppose, understand, want, wish等。例如:

误:I was knowing the answer.

正:I knew the answer. 我知道答案。

 误:I wasn't understanding him.

 正:I didn't understand him. 我不明白他的意思。

when和while的用法:在when引导的时间状语从句中,其谓语动词可以是延续性的,也可以是非延续性的,可与主句中的谓语动词同时发生,也可在其后发生。 例如: 1、I was just reading a book when she came into my room. 她走进我房间时,我正在看书。 2、Were you writing when the teacher came in? 老师进来的时候,你在写信吗? 3、When he was a child he was always trying out new ideas. 他小时候就常常试验一些新的设想。 (二)、while只能表示某一段时间,不能表示某一点时间。在while引导的时间状语从句中,其谓语动词只能是延续性的,而且也只能与主句中的谓语动词同时发生或存在。 例如: 1、While Jim was mending his bike, Lin Tao came to see him. 正当吉姆修自行车时,林涛来看他。 2、You can't do your homework while you're watching TV. 你不能一边看电视一边做家庭作业。 (三)、另外,when和while的区别还在于:while引导的时间状语从句多用进行时态,而when引导的时间状语从句多用一般时态。 例如: 1、While they were talking , the bell rang. 正在他们谈话的时候,上课铃响了。 2、I was doing my homework when my mother came back home yesterday evening. 昨天晚上妈妈回家的时候,我正在做家庭作